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Legislation Cacda supports

 AB485(O'Donnell) - Signed into law  

Press release below. The law will become operative January 1, 2019 to allow pet shops to transition away from purchasing animals from puppy/cattery mills. Pet shops will only be able to adopt/sell dogs, cats or rabbits from animal shelters or rescue groups. 


AB1137(Maienschein)-Housing developments-would require the State Dept of Housing and Community Development to require each housing development to authorize a resident of a financed housing development to have one or more common household pets in accordance with public health and animal control laws. 

Passed Assembly 77-0, Pending a hearing before Senate Housing and Transportation committee. Contact your Senator.

AB1138(Maienschein)-Sale of Cats and Dogs-Would make it unlawful to advertise or give publicity to the sale or transfer of a dog or cat that is not the exact dog or cat advertised.  Passed Assembly 69-0, Pending a hearing before Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development committee and Public Safety committee. Contact your Senator.

AB1199(Nazarian)-Peace officer training on dog behavior-Would require POST training related to encounters with dogs due to recent high-profile shootings. In Appropriations committee in suspense due to POST funding being reduced. Attempting pilot program amendment with certain jurisdictions.

Legislation CACDA is Watching:

SB673(Newman)-Pet Lovers License plate-almost $800,000 has been raised by the purchase of license plates to provide grants to low-cost or no-cost spay-neuter programs throughout the state but the money has not been disbursed. This bill would direct the Dept of Food and Ag to take over the program from the Veterinary Medical Board to facilitate allocating funds to a non-profit organization for disbursement. Passed Senate 40-0, awaiting assignment to a committee in the Assembly.