About Us

The California Animal Control Directors Association is a nonprofit organization, formed in 1976, that represents animal care and control professionals and agencies in California. CACDA is supported by its membership, which is composed of animal care and control professionals, as well as its respective agencies throughout the state.

Mission: California Animal Control Directors Association is dedicated to providing leadership, training, and development, support and advocacy to animal care and control agencies.

Some of CACDA's activities include:

  • Providing expert guidance to more than 500 incorporated cities and 58 counties in California which depend upon animal care and control services to ensure public safety and humane animal care in their communities.
  • Advising lawmakers regarding proposed changes to animal control laws and practices, especially as they relate to public safety, financial impact, animal welfare and community service.
  • Serving as a liaison with similar professionals throughout the country to recognize and address trends and issues in the animal care and control field.
  • Promoting best practices.
  • Sponsoring training and education to industry professionals and the general public regarding animal welfare and animal control.
  • Providing informational and assistance network services for professionals in the field.